Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An assortment of past projects

This is a little drop point I did. The handle is stabilized maple burl. It has hidden bamboo pins.

This is the Nesserator and another small drop point. The Nesserator was an old cleaver that I made into a huge Nessmuk. It works more like a small axe than a knife. The handle is curly walnut with brass pins and red and black spacers. The drop point is birdseye maple with a strip of bocote, brass pins and red liners.

This is a Cold Steel Khukhri that I rehandled with zebrawood. It has walnut trim with red liners.

A couple other knives. A wharncliffe I made out of a Herders "mini cleaver" and a SAK. The wharnie has curly walnut handles and the SAK is cocobolo.

1 comment:

astral said...

some very cool stuff here Bruce, you've been busy! Having worked with wood items (picture frames and furniture) i have a great appreciation for woods. you've done a good job with that aspect. the freak in me just likes the shiny sharp knife part too!!. maybe when i sell my nxt big painting i could commission one? or- care to trade for another painting?
keep up the good work- looking forward to seeing more...