Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A pair of Koster Nessmuk sheathes

David Farmer Nessmuk in bloodwood

This is the smaller companion blade to the large "nessiezilla" camp knife shown below. I have yet to make a sheath for it.

Sheath for rehandled Landi MPM.

The original osage scales on this knife were held on with bolts. I decided to rehandle it and give it some black liners and a mosaic pin.

The pouch sheath has stylus texturing.

Breeden Pathfinder and sheath

I got this blade from Bryan Breeden of Breeden knives to put my own handle on. The handle is zebrawood with brass pins and black liners.

The sheath has a firesteel loop. To finish it off I gace the knife a paracord lanyard with a zebrawood bead to hold it secure. The wood has a lot of chatoyance and changes color when viewed from different angles.

Scott Gossman fire striker sheathes

Scott Gossman made a run of these little flint rod striker knives. A customer asked me for a sheath so I made up a bunch of variations.

Lined and ulilitarian sheathes for David Fowler knife

I made the lined sheath first but it was too pretty for using while backpacking. I wanted something durable,water resistant and with multiple carry options.

The lined sheath is lined with doe skin. It has a leaf belt loop and the fit is excellent. I don't think you can beat the fit of a lined sheath.

The second sheath has a strap for horizontal carry in addition to a vertical carry loop with a square ring on top for attaching to a backpack. There is also a hole in the bottom for attaching paracord. The sheath has been waxed for weather resistance.

Some more sheathes.

This was a big order for a customer. 7 sheathes total. The knives are by David Farmer, DP and Bladeforums member Sigguy.