Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shovel Sheath

Made up something to cover my Cold Steel shovel. I love these things. I had one for six years but left it in Utah when I moved to Colorado. I used some plumbers mesh to thin down the handle a bit, also drilled and counterbored a lanyard hole. I gave it a good Danish oil soak and waxed it as well.

I don't like the fact that CS is putting an edge all the way around these. I liked having the option of adding an edge myself. Although it can chop wood quite well it's a shovel first.

I made this cover to be strapped on a pack. I added a drainage hole and hot waxed it to keep the water off. The retention strap has eyelets and tightens down with some paracord. It's not sewn to the beltloop so it can be replaced or removed. It's made of 10-12 ounce saddle skirting and is saddle stitched with waxed braided nylon cord.

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